“Accelerated Solution”


You're About To Discover, Learn and Practice:

  • How your current Mindset is different from optimal Entrepreneurial Mindset and how to bridge this existing gap.
  • How to build a strong foundation for your coaching business.
  • How to make sure you will keep highly motivated building your own business and not to give up in the middle of the distance.
  • How to define your niche and create your Customer Avatar so you can architect a marketing strategy that attracts buyers.
  • How to set up your unique coaching business model.
  • The seven ways to differentiate your business and outperform your competitors right from the start.
  • How to make sure you will keep your focus, implement your business building strategy and get things done.
  • How to avoid 7 major coaching start-up mistakes and have a shortcut to profitable and sustainable phase of your coaching business.
  • The best strategy for you to follow to get your website done in a matter of days and weeks (not months and years!)
  • How to feel totally confident and optimistic while building your own coaching practice and set it up even while still being employed.

Meet Your Trainer

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–  8 years of Training and Coaching experience as Headway Coaching Business School CEO and Master Trainer,

–  PCC ICF (International Coach Federation)

–  Official ICF registered Mentor

–  Master Trainer ATD (Association for Talent Development)

–  Speaker at ICE ASTD conference 2014  (Washington, DC) and 2015 (Orlando, FL)

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Defining Your Business Model – Checklist

Lesson 1: Becoming the best Entrepreneur I can be: Mindset Shift (Entrepreneurial Belief System)

Lesson 2: My Strategy For Coaching Business Start Up Marathon (Defining Strategy)

Lesson 3: Access to My Main Unlimited Energy Resource (Ensure Ongoing Motivation)

Lesson 4: My Starting Point: Unbeatable Me! (Positioning)

Lesson 5: My Best Ever Client. (Discovering Your Niche)

Lesson 6: Narrowing, Narrowing and Narrowing More! (Defining Market Entry Point)

Lesson 7: Standing Out From the Crowd. (7 Ways to Differentiate Your Business)

Lesson 8: Putting it All Together: My Coaching Business Model. (Defining Implementation Strategy)

Lesson 9: Focus, Priorities and Commitment (Making Sure Your Strategy Works!).

Lesson 10: Coaching Confidence (Introduction to Frames and Conversational Reframing Tools).

What You'll Get:

Course Details:

Tuition: Limited Time Offer (enrollment before December 3rd)  –  £787 + bank (PayPal) transfer fee 

Level: Intermediate/Advanced

Setting: Online/Virtual

Course Length: 10 weeks (+2 weeks New Year break)

Expected Completion Time: 12 weeks

Start: Tuesday, December 8th at 6:30pm UK time (day and time are subject to change after discussion with all enrolled participants)

End: Tuesday, December 23rd at 6:30pm UK time.