Make Your Coaching Offer Irresistible

... and turn your coaching practice into a sustainable business.

Watch this Free Training Videos to learn how to:    


  • craft your coaching offer in tangible way,

  • stop losing potential clients and triple your conversion rate,

  • demonstrate in a visually engaging manner to potential/real clients the complexity of their issues and starting point of their journey,

  • boost your credibility as an expert,

  • measure progress of your coaching work with client,

  • and much more!

Training Video 1

Setting foundation for success: Knowing where to start when aiming to improve your coaching offer.

Training Video 2

Five main reasons why potential clients do not hire you as their coach.

Training Video 3

One Missing Ingredient for your free coaching session which will make all the difference.

Training Video 4

Your precise strategy how to overcome potential client’s objections without being pushy, creepy or weird.

What Other Coaches Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let other coaches around the world do the talking!

“This program is a an essential contribution to the quality and efficiency of any coaching process. It is an innovative, professional, efficient and easy to use tool that adds value to any type of coaching process by enhancing the credibility and the quality of the session.”
Alexandra Smith (Spain)

CTI Coach

“The key is a powerful online diagnostic tool for coaches, trainers, mentors and HR development professionals. It generates a precise portrait of your internal barriers. It is easy to use and what’s more it is completely free of charge. I have used it and I highly recommend it!”
Eduardo Occulate (Brazil)


“The program provides an extremely practical, visual and viable coaching tool for coaching both individuals and groups. Using the pre-defined questionnaires with coaching clients gives valuable insights; it identifies areas for coaching clients to address, to enable them to achieve their coaching goal.”
Marian Costello (UK)


“I love the goal booster key. It’s simple to complete. The questions raised enable me and my clients to focus on moving forward and not lapse into being frozen or inaction. The key provides an invaluable framework of powerful questions to produce real results.”
Jan Morgan (UK)


“Why is this program so empowering for coaches and their clients? First of all, it’s innovative, like no other program. Second, it’s measurable. Often what is missing during a coaching session is a structure for measuring result. This tool corrects that omission.”
Svetlana Whitener (USA)


“Different ways to engage client, their issues and the coach are invaluable - particularly when they provide user-friendly structure and promote practical measurable progress. This empowers and encourages both client (or potential client) and coach alike.”
Caroline Seton (Switzerland)


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