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The Headway Coaching Business School is a two-track business transformation course for certified coaches that transforms early-stage coaching practices into thriving businesses.


Business Foundation helps you build a solid business foundation for your start up practice


Coaching Confidence cultivates confidence in your coaching abilities through structured practice, learning and support from your classmates

While your certification program spent a lot of time on pure theory, our programs pair learning with application and execution, as well as the support of an action-oriented community of peers, to deliver breakthrough levels of success.

Classes are live, online, community-minded and small (typically groups of 6-7 people), via Skype and webinar presentations, taught by Headway’s founder, Alex Khrapov, and qualified Headway Coaching Group instructors.

The Business Foundation and Coaching Confidence tracks can be taken simultaneously, or taken one at a time to focus more exclusively on one or another  aspect of your business success.


Each track is a series of six learning modules and each learning module focuses on a key coaching and/or business fundamental that, once implemented, will unlock the thriving business that your coaching practice is waiting to become.


Setting Up Your Business Foundation is our business-oriented track, helping you to learn, design and execute the business fundamentals required to build and grow a successful business.

In a six module series, Business Foundation guides you through the learning, design and execution steps:
– revealing and eliminating the misconceptions currently restricting your business success
– revealing and leveraging your unique advantages
– defining your coaching niche
– identifying your ideal client
– designing your unique offering
– practicing your offer delivery (presentations, online webinars, short conversations, etcetera)
– creating and publishing your website


Module 1 – Attitude (Investigation of My Internal Structure)
Module 2 – My Services and My Clients (Defining Major Parameters)
Module 3 – My Niche and My Uniqueness (Defining Specific Parameters)
Module 4 – Designing My Unique Offer
Module 5 – Marketing Mindset and My Marketing Preferences
Module 6 – Kinesthetic Awareness and Energy Management


Coaching Confidence is our coaching-skills track that helps you become more confident and practiced as a professional coach.

In the Coaching Confidence six module series, you develop a detailed, reliable, carefully-designed, step-by-step coaching process that – unique to you and your coaching niche – will strengthen your skills and confidence as a coach.

Throughout the course you will be practicing tried and true coaching fundamentals (such as ICF’s eleven coaching competencies) in a structured and collaborative setting.  With the guidance of our instructors and the support of your colleagues, you will also be practicing advanced coaching tools beyond the basics covered in your certification, including:
– Re-framing patterns
– Logical levels
– Use of metaprograms in coaching
– Linguistic patterns


Module 1 – Attitude (Investigation of Your Internal Structure)
Module 2 – Listening (Practice Listening On Multiple Levels)
Module 3 – Intention and Attention (Mastery of Focus and Choice of Direction)
Module 4 – Asking (The Art Of Asking Questions)
Module 5 – Talking (Practice of Intentional Communication)
Module 6 – Kinesthetic Awareness and Energy Management


Seminars are held weekly – once a week if you take one track at a time, twice-weekly if you take Business Foundation and Coaching Confidence simultaneously.

Seminars are hosted live.  These are not homework-based or pre-recorded programs.

Seminars are mobile.  Attend class from wherever you are located through our Skype and webinar presentations.  Each practicum is recorded and shared with the group.  In the event that you are unable to attend the live session, your progress is not hindered.

Seminars are 75 minutes long, offered throughout an entire academic year.  The practice and support your professional and business skills require to develop and grow are given the time they need.

In a small group setting, individual-quality attention is provided both by our instructors and the global support group of your classmates.  Consistent collaboration with colleagues for a whole year is powerful motivation that helps you reach your business and coaching goals.


Two HCBS courses per year with beginning at autumn and at winter
Business Foundation only –  £675 + VAT = £810
Coaching Confidence only – £675 + VAT = £810
Business Foundation + Coaching Confidence taken simultaneously – £1255 + VAT = £1506

Courses begin January and September of each year.

Courses that begin in January end in December, with a break during the months of June, July and August.  Courses that begin in September end in late May, with a break across the Christmas and New Year’s holidays.

Registration for 2014-2015 HCBS Programs is now open!

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