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Session 1


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Homework Part 1: Three Business Model Frames


Business Model 1: Large-scale Frame

Business Model-LargeScale


Step 1Please list all the things that you spend your time doing during a typical week.

Step 2; Please assign a score of the priority from 1 (very low priority) to -10 (extremely high priority) to each item on your list.

Step 3: Please count how many things you do (how much time you spend) in a typical week to the business related tasks.

Step 4: Count how many things you do (how much time you spend) in a typical week specifically to the marketing/selling related business tasks.

Step 5: What do you notice about the score for the business in general and for the marketing/selling tasks?

Step 6: Please count how many things you do (how much you spend) in a typical week that have a lower score than your business tasks.

Step 7: – What is your strategy for increasing time available for your marketing/selling tasks?

Step 8: After you complete this analysis please post your discoveries and conclusions in to  the Trello's General Announcements card.


Business Model 2: Conversational Frame

Small (3 mins) excerpt from video training: “Making Your Coaching Offer Irresistible”



Question: When you design your social media marketing strategy you will deliberately ignore one of the “Conversational Business Model” elements. Which one?

Please post your answer into the Trello's General announcement card for group discussion.


Business Model 3: Detailed Frame



Step 1:

Please download Word file “Business-Model-Canvas-Template

Step 2:

Work through all 9 elements of the model in relation to your specific business. Make it as detailed as possible.

Step 3:

Attach the result of your work to your SSM Trello card. If you do not have clarity regarding all 9 elements of your business model it's not a problem. Do what you can.

Step 4:

Now you can return to SSM Session 1 page and proceed with Homework Part 2