2018, February 21st


The ‘Ninja Trait’ that Copywriting Clients Are (Desperately) Looking For

by Sonia Simone

Maybe you dreamed for years before becoming a professional writer. Maybe you’re still dreaming, trying to work up the courage to take that mighty leap.

Once you do, you immediately find out that the dream of writing for a living tends to collide with the nightmare of meeting your deadlines.

Not to mention keeping track of multiple projects, leaving enough time to produce quality work, making time to do your own marketing, and remembering to actually invoice your clients.

It’s one thing to write for your own enjoyment, when you feel you have something to say.

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A 10-Step Checklist for Social Media Strategy Success

by Dhariana Lozano

Social media can be a lot to take in all at once, especially when you’re just starting out. To help, here’s a quick compilation of some of my social media tips to set you up for implementing a killer social media strategy.

These are the ten must-haves for a strategy in order to build an authentic, engaged social media community for your brand.

Hopefully they help.

1. Define Clear Goals
This is the foundation of your social media management or campaign strategy. Defining goals (and objectives) gives you direction, purpose, and will help you narrow down the main themes your content will revolve around.

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How to Use Your Email List to Find Your Best Customers

by Ali Hyatt

You might have a few customers who you notice often share your social media updates.

Or you may have some customers who mention they’ve told friends about your business, bringing in new customers for you.

But have you ever thought about how you can use your email list to find your best customers?

Your email subscribers have opted-in to learn more about your business. They’ve expressed interest in the products and services you offer, and many of them are likely opening, reading, and acting on your emails on a consistent basis.

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The Worst Word in an Entrepreneur’s Vocabulary

by Doug and Polly White

We have worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs through our consulting practice. Without exception, all of these business owners have fallen into two categories — we call them “the desperate” and “the inspired.”

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We don’t mean to be pejorative. But it’s a fact that the only owners who feel the need to change up something about their businesses — and thus need our help — fall into one of these two groups.

Desperate entrepreneurs
Desperate business owners call us because something is wrong with their organization. That something might be financial: Revenues and/or profits may be shrinking, or expenses may be out of control. And the owner sees the proverbial writing on the wall. If he or she doesn’t do something, the business might not survive.


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3 Things I Learned About Productivity as an Entrepreneur

by Raya Khashab

Since I left my corporate job, I’ve been reading a lot about how to increase my productivity. For people like me who transition from a structured environment as an employee to a more flexible lifestyle as an entrepreneur, the adjustment can be hard. If you’re wearing many hats – for example, you’re the one creating the product, talking to customers, and doing the marketing – it can be especially overwhelming. I was busy, for sure, but was I being productive?

Tim Farris once said, “Being busy is a form of laziness – lazy thinking and indiscriminate action. Being busy is most often used as a guise for avoiding the few critically important but uncomfortable actions”

It felt like I was the only one struggling with time management, and then one day I attended a conference that included a fireside chat with broadcast journalist Soledad O’Brien.

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