Headway ProcrasTerminator (Goal Booster) Program

Duration: 8 weeks, working in groups 8-10 people with professional Coach-Trainer

Cost: £354 + PayPal fee = £369

Terms and Conditions

  • Set up your goal and work two months towards it with support of your group and professional coach/trainer.
  • Test the program with 1 month money back guarantee.
  • Learn the “All in One Basket” Procrastination (Goal Setting) Model which makes it easy to analyse underlying causes, creates structure and provides numerous tools to address the issue in relation to difficulties achieving your goal.
  • Learn how to use Goal Booster Key (GBK) generator to structure your work and define strategy towards your goal. GBK generator is a free online tool for coaches and trainers to use in their work with individual clients.
  • Make your first step towards partnership with Headway Coaching Group and get additional income aside from you main occupation by becoming an affiliate and/or working as a coach/trainer 1-2 hours per week (online). Headway ProcrasTerminator Program is a first Module in in HCG full Partnership 3 modules program. Following 2 modules can be taken anytime in next 6 months period.
  • Practice your offer delivery (presentations, online webinars, short conversations, etcetera)
  • Create and publish your website
  • Sessions are conducted online and always live (no prerecorded sessions)
  • Duration: from 15th of Jan. 2015 to 24th of Dec 2015
  • Small group setting (not more than 6 people)
  • Permanent supervision (your Coach-Trainer: Alex Khrapov PCC ICF, Master Trainer ATD)
  • 1-2 hours per week commitment 

It seems harmless – everyone procrastinates. Until you wake up one day to a gym membership never used, a business never started and a life half-lived. Until frustration, guilt and disappointment become familiar tastes in your life.

I never thought of myself as a procrastinator because I'm always busy doing things. But as you will discover in this program, everyone procrastinates in their unique way. My way was chasing after deadlines and putting out fires. Some people put things off because of their fear of failure and self-doubt. Others cannot start due to the lack of an action-plan.

PAPK image

Personal Anti-Procrastination Key (PAPK)

Because of the complicated and highly individual nature of procrastination, here in Headway Coaching Group we have created a unique “All-in-One-Basket Model”, which explains and analyses the top 18 reasons for procrastination, based on the personal key generated by answering a set of targeted questions (see image of my Anti-Procrastination Key above). Take a look at the video testimonials below to see what the trainers and participants say about the program.

                           Meet the Participants – Judit, Jan and Jim                                                             Meet the Trainers – Mark and Caroline


Who can benefit:

– Coaches, trainers, consultants, psychologists whose clients manifest hidden resistances to change.


– Test the program as a Participant before to enroll into the Trainer's program with 2 months money back guarantee. In case if participant enrolled into the Trainer program and decided to withdraw for whatever reason withing Module 1 (first 2 months) his/her down payment will be refunded in full.

– The “All in One Basket” Procrastination Model makes it easy to analyse underlying causes, creates structure and provides numerous tools to address the issue.

– After completion of Module 1 (first 2 months) you fully experienced the program as a participant and can apply AOB Procrastination Model in your individual work with clients.

– After completion of full Trainer program and certification you can lead HCG's Procrasterminator program and earn as our Headway Coach-Trainer.

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Alex Khrapov

PCC ICF, Master Trainer ASTD
Headway Coaching Group