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Certified coaches with a desire to grow into a thriving practice turn to Headway Coaching Group for educational and support programs.

This is not a surprise when you look at the statistics:

According to ICF research, just 3-4% of certified coaches become owners of their own businesses, and those that do will not see any measurable success for 3-5 years.

This is due to three factors:

  1. Lack of professional coaching-related skills and experience. Result: low confidence, hindering the probability to acquire potential clients
  1. Lack of professional business-related knowledge and skills. Result: overwhelm and inability to design and implement business strategy
  1. Lack of focus, clarity and energy in general. Result: unsustainable passion and momentum-destroying procrastination

This is where Headway Coaching Group can make a difference.

Through our educational and support programs, Headway students follow well-designed, step-by-step processes that transform business dreams and ideas into execution and reality.

Headway Coaching Group was started by coach (MCC, ICF), certified ATD Master Trainer and ICF registered Mentor Alex Khrapov in 2007. His mission: to guide coaches down a faster path to business growth in ways that are both rational and methodical.

Our nuanced mixture of training and coaching sparks questions in both your business and yourself, while acting as a catalyst for taking the necessary actions to grow exponentially.

We accomplish this in a community-based environment, where you make careful decisions and manage your energy as you progress towards your goal in a more precise and effective way.

Headway Coaching Group has bridged the gap between newcomers and seasoned professionals by assembling certain key elements which coaching certification programs lack.  These elements have the power to take your coaching business to new heights.

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