Introducing a Two-Track Business Transformation System Designed to Shift Your Coaching Practice Into a Thriving Business

The vast majority of coaches never realize their full revenue potential.  In fact, over 90% do not experience any kind of long term success and end up closing their doors within 5 years.

You have the ability and desire to break this negative trend in your own coaching business, and to effect real change in your clients, but the proper knowledge and guidance are critical requirement to make this a reality.

The Headway Coaching Business School is a robust, step by step program for certified coaches who have a passion for building a thriving practice this year.

While your certification program spent a lot of time on pure theory, here you will learn with application and execution, along with the support of an action-oriented community of peers.

Plus, the one academic year duration is ideal for realistic long term growth.  You will be able to spend just 1-2 hours per week nurturing and growing your business, instead of experiencing the overwhelm and stress of an intensive program.

You will receive the kind of personal attention you expect and deserve as you are carefully and methodically guided toward sustained business success.

Here are just a few of the topics we will cover in depth:

  • How to design and execute the fundamentals to build and grow a successful business
  • How to eliminate what may be holding you back from real business success
  • How to define or clarify your niche for maximum marketplace impact
  • How to identify and attract your ideal client
  • How to craft your unique offering in a way that generates high response
  • How to deliver effective presentations, online webinars, short conversations and more
  • How to create and publish a powerful Internet presence

Of course, we are just scratching the surface here. It’s important that you understand just how deep we will be diving, so you can fully realize how powerful this is and how much you will benefit.

Much like a train that occasionally changes tracks on the way to its ultimate destination, we will be traveling down two tracks as we travel toward your ideal outcomes.

Let’s take a look at these two tracks:


Having the right foundation for your business is everything.  Without it, you leave yourself exposed to a wide range of missteps, roadblocks and detours that can put serious limits on your level of growth.

Setting Up Your Business Foundation is our business-oriented track, helping you to learn, design and execute the business fundamentals required to build and grow a successful business.

In this comprehensive 6-module series, you will be guided through the various learning, design and execution steps, including:

Module 1 – Attitude (Investigation of My Internal Structure)

Once you can look within yourself and pinpoint what drives and motivates you, it will give you a unique ability to harness the right attitudes that can mean the difference between success and failure. This module will show you how.

Module 2 – My Services and My Clients (Defining Major Parameters)

This is where you will investigate which services will work best for you as a coach, and which types of clients will benefit from them the most, so you will never be unsure or confused about your offerings.

Module 3 – My Niche and My Uniqueness (Defining Specific Parameters)

Both your niche and your unique selling proposition will be explored at length in this module, so you can set yourself apart from your competition and play to your strengths at all times.

Module 4 – Designing My Unique Offer

There is a fine line between pricing yourself too high and too low. We will examine this and help you formulate an offer that will be perfect for your ideal clients to accept.

Module 5 – Marketing Mindset and My Marketing Preferences

Most coaches don’t know how to market themselves properly. It isn’t taught during the certification process, so you are left to sink or swim. This module will equip you with all the right tools and strategies to market like a pro.

Module 6 – Kinesthetic Awareness and Energy Management

Driving positive energy into your coaching business will be a key component to your success. This module will give you constructive ways to use mindfulness and take hold of your own internal processes to create an unstoppable business centered around your greatest self.


Having confidence in your coaching abilities is an absolute must, or you risk devaluing yourself in the marketplace and minimizing your effectiveness.

Through structured practice, learning and support from your classmates, the Coaching Confidence track will help you achieve the peak levels of confidence required to be a top level coach.

Here are the learning modules we will cover in depth on this track:

Module 1 – Attitude (Investigation of Your Internal Structure)

As with Track 1, we will explore the proper attitude required to maintain an elegant balance of confidence, self-esteem and self-worth while staying out of the pit of inflated ego and self-importance.

Module 2 – Listening (Practice Listening On Multiple Levels)

Listening is an art form, especially with coaches who must listen between the words, to the subtleties of voice inflection, to determine the best solutions and guidance for their clients. This module will give you fresh insights into sharpening your listening skills.

Module 3 – Intention and Attention (Mastery of Focus and Choice of Direction)

Setting the proper intentions and placing your attention on the right aspects of your business are paramount to your full success as a high earning coach. You will learn how to focus with laser intensity on your desired outcomes and the pathways that lead there.

Module 4 – Asking (The Art Of Asking Questions)

As with listening, the proper asking of questions in a session and when securing new clients can make a huge impact on your overall success and level of income. This module will give you the tools you need to ask questions that matter.

Module 5 – Talking (Practice of Intentional Communication)

Proper communication can tip the scales in your favor in your coaching practice. We will explore what you say and how you say it in all parts of your communications before, during and after sessions with prospects and clients.

Module 6 – Kinesthetic Awareness and Energy Management

As with Track 1, we will deeply examine your use of your own energy to arrive at ideal results in your business and with your clients. Your keen internal awareness will be a powerful guidance system for you, but only if you know how to use it properly.

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Seminars are held weekly – once a week if you take one track at a time, twice-weekly if you take Business Foundation and Coaching Confidence simultaneously.

Seminars are hosted live.  These are not homework-based or pre-recorded programs.

Seminars are mobile.  Attend class from wherever you are located through our Skype and webinar presentations.  Each practicum is recorded and shared with the group.  In the event that you are unable to attend the live session, your progress is not hindered.

Seminars are 75 minutes long, offered throughout an entire academic year.  The practice and support your professional and business skills require to develop and grow are given the time they need.


This is a small group setting, with individual-quality attention by our instructors and the global support group of your classmates.  Consistent collaboration with colleagues for a whole year is powerful motivation that helps you reach your business and coaching goals.

Knowing this, it’s important for you to register right now to be included in this intimate gathering.

Sessions are conducted online and always live (no prerecorded sessions)

Small group setting (not more than 6 people)

Permanent supervision (your Coach-Trainer: Alex Khrapov PCC ICF, Master Trainer ATD)

1-2 hours per week commitment,

Program covers all the 7 Business Foundation steps above


Two HCBS courses per year with beginning at autumn and at winter

Business Foundation – £810 + (PayPal fee) = £838

Coaching Confidence only – £810 + (PayPal fee) = £838

Business Foundation + Coaching Confidence taken simultaneously – £1506 + (PayPal fee) = £1557

Courses begin January and September of each year.

Courses that begin in January end in December, with a break during the months of June, July and August.  Courses that begin in September end in late May, with a break across the Christmas and New Year’s holidays.

Don’t be left on the outside looking in.  You owe it to yourself and your practice to bring in as many ideal clients as possible. Your talents should be at their full potential and showcased to the world in the right way.

This program will help get you there.

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