Headway Goal Booster Program
€495 for 2 Months
Duration: 8 weeks, Schedule: 8 sessions (60 min each)
2 months of work with a professional Headway certified Coach-Trainer
Use of Goal Booster Key (GBK) generation tool
Structural step by step process based on "All in One Basket" model
Group and Trainer's support between sessions
Small groups (<10 people)
Headway Goal Booster Trainer Program
€3,660 for 4 Months
Duration: 4 months, Schedule: 16 weekly sessions (60 min each)
2 times enrollment into Goal Booster program with gradual shift from Participant to Trainer.
Deep knowledge of "All in One Basket" model and GBK generation tool
Headway Coach-Trainer Certification.
Lead Headway's programs and Earn as Headway Coach-Trainer
Headway Mentor Coaching Group
€1,975 for 4 Months
High level of collaboration and engagement
Opportunity to model the group coaching approach from a top, qualified trainer
Individual pre-program session to discuss objectives and focus (15 minutes)
7 group sessions (1 hour duration)
3 individual sessions with Alex (1 hour duration)
Personalized report (support letter) about your success through the Mentor Coaching Group program